Tt4055 Zemin Temizleme Makinesi
Tt4055 Zemin Temizleme Makinesi Ürün Açıklaması

Mains power and performance and plenty of both, the outstanding specification of the TT4055 is, without doubt, to the highest standard both in terms of design and equally in terms of performance.

The big advantage of cable machines is the amazing power provided by mains operation, three times that of battery machines, and, due to the lack of costly batteries and 24V components, the machines are truly cost effective, almost two for the price of one. Cable machines are used extensively in many industrial applications where floors are quite often rough and exceptionally dirty.

• Full stainless steel chassis
• Deck tilt system making brush changes quick and simple
• 40 litre clean and dirty water heavy duty polyform tanks
• 55cm scrub width
• TwinFlo vacuum motor providing the exceptional wet pick up
• Heavy duty brush motor
• Oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox gives maximum power transmission direct to the floor.
• Fully adjustable operator handle
• Simple On/Off trigger control
• Flexifill, extending and flexible filling hose
• Additional fill point
• Full range of brush and pad drive systems

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PDF Zemin Temizleme Robotları Aksesuarları Catalogue
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38/32mm Hose Adaptor
500mm PadLoc Drive Board
550mm Polyscrub Brush (Single)
Aluminium Floor Tool Linatex Blade, 944mm Working Width, C/W Adjustable Wheels
Aluminium Floor Tool Polyurethane Blade, 944mm Width, C/W Adjustable Wheels
Floor Tool Bracket Assembly, TT/TTB4045/4055
Floor Tool Detent Pin
Optional 43 Shore Polyurethane Blade Set (944mm)
Optional 50 Shore Polyurethane Blade Set, 944mm Working Width
Replacement Linatex Blade Set, 944mm Working Width
Twintec Aluminium Floor Tool Wide Angle Adjustable Castor Plate Upgrade Kit
Wander Floor Kit for all TTB Machines (38mm)